• Level 1: propaganda - everyone is confused by the suggestion that freedom and equality absolutely cannot co-exist in any way. (if spells can backfire?? - everyone affected punches Market-Libertarian in the nose yelling 'freedom means we can punch you in the nose, equality means you can punch yourself in the nose as well')

  • Level 2: Grey Market. Constant effect. The Market-libertarian get a 15% discount on all purchases, and a 15% bonus on all sales.

  • Level 3: Competitive Police Force. Summons a minion to protect the Agorist from enemies

  • Level 4; Entrepreneurship. Gains an extra action every turn for 5 turns.

  • Alt Level 4: Economic secession. Immune from movement hinderences.

  • Level 5: Voluntaryism. Breaks all hierarchies. All hierarchical rivals turn on each other.

    Agorism Poster by thorsmitersaw