Punk bakunin kropotkin
  • Level 0: Proper tea is theft. Can drink a restorative herbal tea at anytime.

  • Level 1: Freegan Harvest. 3 time a day the Punk can scavenge enough food to feed herself.

  • Level 2: Patch Making. The Punk makes a patch that buffs a PC ability

  • alt Level 2: Molotov Cocktail: The Punk gets a free molotov cocktail

  • Level 3: Dumpster Diving: Once a day the Punk can scavenge food for the entire party.

  • Level 4: Zine Production: The Punk makes a zine. Any sentient entity that reads a zine is Confused for a turn and takes a random action.

  • Level 5: Rewild. The Punk returns the area to its natural state. All enemies are paralysed for 1 day.